Artisan Aesthetics

Aesthetic Treatments for Face & Body in Pakistan

Get youthful skin with emerging skincare treatments

Artisan Aesthetics Center of Medical Aesthetics is Pakistan’s largest aesthetic brand providing the latest, FDA-approved skincare and haircare treatments in the city of gardens, Lahore. Aesthetically attractive physical features make you beautiful. You deserve a glamorous, elegant, and fresh look. Enticing features provide you with confidence and make your personality tempting.

Artisan Aesthetics is the center of skin specialists in Lahore, where expert aestheticians and dermatologists provide you with the look you yearn for. Get charismatic and smooth skin and hair procedures according to the trending fashion at Artisan Aesthetics. We are both a skin spa and a hair spa, offering high-standard treatments for permanent body hair removal, skin whitening, skin tightening, acne removal, and hair growth.

No Side Effects

Non Surgical

100% Painless

All Your Skin Needs at One Place

Laser Hair Removal


Artisan Aesthetics


Aesthetic Treatments for Face & Body in Pakistan

Skin specialists of Artisan Aesthetics are well-known for their safe cosmetic treatments throughout Lahore. We provide bespoke customer services, keeping our clients comfortable. Our broad-spectrum aesthetic procedures include permanently removing full-body hair with a painless laser. Our wide-ranging facials, such as hydra facial, gold facial, and galvanic facial, provide skin lightening and brightening. The chemical peel and carbon laser treatments effectively remove acne spots, blemishes, scars, and breakouts.

We deal with micro-invasive procedures and deliver the results safely. PRP treatments are available for the skin and scalp to clear away pimples and accentuate healthy hair growth. We offer scientific and holistic therapies for skin rejuvenation to tighten your skin and make it wrinkle-free. Our aesthetic clinic in Lahore serves customers with unique treatments according to their dermis type by prioritizing the customers’ needs.

Benefits at our place

Get the following benefits at Artisan Aesthetics center of skin specialists in Lahore:

• Our applied procedures and unhazardous and completely safe.

• Our treatments are painless, as there is no incision or cutting of the skin or scalp.

• We use the latest equipment and techniques for long-lasting results.

• Our treatments and inexpensive with discounted offers.

• We have experts specialized in laser and PRP handling.

• Our team and treatments are reliable for procuring permanent cosmetic treatments.

How to consult us?

We are open to consultations and negotiations. We offer walk-in and on-call consultation services. Get in touch with the best skin specialists in Lahore and ask about your skin and hair related-concerns by contacting us at the number or email provided.

Book your dermatologist and cosmetologist with one call. Your satisfaction is our main concern. Book your appointment now!

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276, H2, opposite Emporium Mall, Johar Town, Lahore, 54782