Gluta Light

Gluta Light in Lahore

Gluta light treatment is the best choice for combating skin discoloration, blemishes, and dull complexion. Glutathione is a natural peptide produced within the human body by the liver in minimal amounts. That is why it needs to be fed into the body to meet the skin’s demands. Artisan Aesthetics center provides gluta light treatment in Lahore with the aid of qualified cosmetologists. The doctors inject glutathione, vitamin A, vitamin C, and kojic acid into the skin with micro punctures. The jet streams of 50 microns pass the formulation through the pores into the deep layers of the dermis.


Gluta light treatment’s key features are natural bright skin provision. It treats the blotchy areas and enhances immunity toward acne-causing bacteria due to its anti-toxin property. Due to its skin-whitening effect, there is no need to apply heavy foundation bases and colour correction after Gluta Light treatment.

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