Botox Anti-Wrinkles Treatment

With the advancing age, wrinkles appear on the skin—face and neck skin droop due to senescence, dehydration, smoking, or sun damage. Botox anti-wrinkle treatment is a popular service offered by Artisan Aesthetics center, where the experts use botox treatment with retinol, peptides, and proteins for the wrinkle-causing muscles. It boosts the elasticity of the facial skin.


The dermatologists numb the affected area, mainly the forehead and around the eyes. As a result, eyebrows and muscle movements relax. The botox anti-wrinkle treatment corrects the skin to the deepest dermal layers. The benefit of this therapy is the achievement of an oval-shaped symmetrical face. It is a highly effective plan to obtain results on the same day. The wrinkles do not appear for one year or longer.

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