Micro needling Treatments in Lahore

Micro-needling is an old technique that cosmetic specialists have used for years. It improves the texture of the upper layer of the dermis and smooths out the appearance. The dermatologists at Artisan Aesthetics earn a good name in delivering micro-needling treatments in Lahore. They use a sterile derma roller or a derma pen for doing pinpricks over the skin surface. The gliding motion of the equipment utilized pricks the skin without hurting. The health care staff sterilizes the tools with denatured ethanol after every use on your skin.


The procedures make use of the self-healing ability of the body for the renewal of the skin. This rebuilt skin consists of fresh and additional collagen with new tissues. Micro-needling treatments available at Artisan Aesthetics in Lahore are potent in removing stretch, surgical, acne, and burn marks. The desirable results are visible within a week with a downtime of less than one day.

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