Head PRP

Head PRP Hair Fall Treatment

If you are losing more than 100 strands of hair per day or facing thinning hair problems, then head PRP hair fall treatment is the quick-fix remedy. Head PRP is a natural process as it involves the usage of the patient’s blood for therapy. It is a permanent solution for the regrowth of thick hairs. At Artisan Aesthetics, the cosmetologists inject platelet and growth factors containing plasma into the patient’s scalp. To make the most out of this ultimate remedy, the aestheticians wash your scalp with a sulphate-free shampoo before initiating the process. Maximum three sessions with a gap of one month each effectively make the hair follicles strong to stop hair fall. The cellular turnover in the skin of the scalp enhances hair growth.


Head PRP hair fall treatment is the consequence of flourishing advances in aesthetics. It is a permanent solution for alopecia and male pattern baldness. You can throw out your wigs and cut off expensive hair growth products because hair PRP is a trusted therapy for quick hair regrowth with plasma-rich platelets. The procedure is minimally invasive but is reliable and successful. Only a mild redness occurs on the scalp for a few minutes. The outcomes of Head PRP treatment will leave you in awe with its fascinating hair regrowth ability. The therapy is completed in 2 hours, comprising 1 hour in preparing the scalp and 1 hour for the procedure. One does not counter any adverse effects with PRP. It is a cost-effective treatment.

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