Hydra Facial

Best Hydra Facial in Lahore

Stop doing a cost-ineffective multi-step skincare routine and invest once in hydra facial for the lasting improvement of your complexion. Get an instant glow within 30 minutes with the best HydraFacial in Lahore at Artisan Aesthetics. According to dermatologists, using several different serums and formula creams tear the upper layer of the sensitive dermal layer of the face. The permanent solution to tackle dry and irritating skin is a hydra facial. It is an emerging technique in the field of skin rejuvenation. Hydra facial is a one-session multi-step facial that provides skin resurfacing, mild exfoliation, cleansing pores, moisturization, and hydration.


The best hydra facial treatment is non-irritating; thus, it is suitable for dry, oily, and acne-prone skin. It uses the technique of micro hydra-dermabrasion to infuse hydrating serums into the skin, brightening and lightening the complexion. Hydra facial best works in winter to combat dull and dry skin.


Artisan Aesthetics Center of expert cosmetologists offers the best hydra facials in Lahore. We utilize a wide range of boosting serums and hyaluronic acid to even out the skin texture and eliminate pigmentation from the upper layer of your facial skin. The antioxidant properties of hydra facial provide a revitalized surface and remove dirt from the skin, providing you more glow than an ordinary spa facial. One must get a hydra facial therapy once a month or before attending a special event to enjoy a shiny and confident look.


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