Aqua Gold Facial

Best Aqua Gold Facial

Aqua gold facial is a minor botox treatment involving 24-carat gold microneedles to impregnate your skin with vitamins, peptides, plasma, and gold brightening serums. It is also a collagen booster for skin nourishment. The procedure is non-invasive because the needles are thinner than hair. Stamping motion with microneedles along the face transfers serums from the vial. It works best to reduce the appearance of acne scars, redness, and flushing skin.


Get the best aqua gold facial at Artisan Aesthetics Center for the ultimate refinement of your skin. Our unique gold serums contain neurotoxins to avoid skin allergies and boost skin healing from the forehead to the neck. It is an upgraded version of hydra facial for simultaneous provision of skin lightening, detoxification, and ultra-glow. Experience visible results with no downtime and no side effects that sustain for weeks.


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