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BB Glow Treatment Lahore

Achieve a “no make-up” look with BB glow treatment. It is a technique of infusing the skin with glow serums and lightening products with a derma pen. The serums employed consist of gold particles to provide a glossy look. BB Glow treatment in Lahore is available at the Artisan Aesthetics center of medical aesthetics. It is essential for every person over 20 years of age. The reason behind it is the reduction in collagen levels of dermal layers between the age of 20 to 25. Thus, rebuilding fresh collagen is a must. Two sessions of BB glow treatment are enough for long-lasting brilliant, and bright skin. Relatively, a healthier dermal layer only needs one BB glow session.


Before the skin infusion with the lightening products, health care workers apply a local anaesthetic to cut out the slight discomfort of the derma pen. The results of BB glow treatment appear as a consequence of the restoration capability of the skin. The generation of collagen-filled cells and tissues clears marks and pimples. No infections or allergies to glow remedies have been reported till now. One must use sun protection sprays or creams after the treatment for long-term results. We assure you that BB glow treatment in Lahore at Artisan Aesthetics center is worth every penny.


Here are penned down the pros and cons of BB glow treatment. The advantages of BB glow include eradicating dark circles, age spots, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, redness due to broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and puffiness of eye bags. The process delivers radiant and vibrant skin with contoured facial features. The aftermaths of this rejuvenation therapy are refined and polished skin, leaving you no longer need to wear foundation for daily routines. The minute downtime is a solitary con of BB glow treatment.

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