Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Lahore

Tattoo removal is no more an issue in the present era. Artisan Aesthetics center of medical aestheticians provides laser tattoo removal services in Lahore. The expert cosmetologists use a Q-switch laser to remove the tattoo permanently. The laser equipment throws a sharp beam of photonic light on the tattoo to make it absorbable by the colours. The intense pulses of heat energy dissolve the ink and break it into smaller particles. The body flushes out these dispersed colour particles.


The customer feels a little burning sensation, which goes away in a while. The required number of tattoo removal sessions depends upon the area the tattoo covers. The complete removal of the tattoo requires approximately eight weeks. Additionally, dermabrasion removes those colours which resist the laser using sanding devices to sand off the skin. Hence, tattoo removal occurs from the site without scarring.

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