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Full Body Laser Hair Removal

A clean and smooth body demands the eradication of rough hairs from the body. Women and men both desire to look attractive and alluring. We are familiar with the fact that attire looks beautiful on a perfect and charming body. Artisan Aesthetics is the leading center of aesthetic treatments in Johar town, where our cosmetologists make you achieve your desired smooth physique with the assistance of the latest full-body laser hair removal procedures. Waxing the whole body hair is not only painful but also tiresome. Likewise, shaving the entire body hair is time taking and exhausting. The traditional processes of hair removal are unreliable because of the rapid regrowth of the hair. This regrowth makes you do the entire procedure again and again with extra costs. Therefore, the top dermatologists suggest having a full-body laser hair removal procedure once to avoid other exhausting and hurting hair removal procedures.


Fullbody laser hair removal utilizes a specific wavelength of light to target deep roots of stiff areas throughout the body. Melanin-containing cells in the body hair absorb the laser light and destroy the hair follicles that play a role in the growth of hairs. Hence, inhibition of hair regrowth occurs. Superior results are visible in every session. The laser is unhazardous for every skin type. The machinery manages the temperature by warming its head according to your body temperature. Some customers feel a slight pinching pain, which vanishes in milliseconds. Moreover, the instruments used are super-relaxing, making the client comfortable during the process.

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