PRP / Vampire Facelift

Vampire Face lift with PRP

The vampire face lift with PRP is the perfect solution to all your skin concerns. It implies the use of two treatments simultaneously, viz. PRP with the client’s blood plasma and hydra facial with hyaluronic acid filling. The procedure is negligibly invasive, with significant advantages. The aestheticians apply topical local anaesthesia before the process to numb the skin. Numbing of the skin is essential for lessening the discomfort of microneedles. Then, the cosmetic experts inject protein-containing plasma into the skin, followed by the infusion of moisturizing agents and plasma.


Vampire facelift with PRP  is an efficient treatment for reducing frown lines and smile lines, minimizing creases, getting rid of sagging skin, improving uneven skin texture, lifting the cheeks, and lifting the drooping eyes. It finds its use exclusively in providing the aesthetic appearance with anti-senescence effects. The rosy skin and glow achieved last more than one year with it.

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