What is the best treatment for acne scars?

Smooth out your skin from post-inflammatory scars.

There is a wide range of treatment plans available for acne scars. Before diving deep into the treatment methods, you must know the type of scars on your skin to choose the right plan for clearing up the pimple marks.

A scar forms if a pimple damages dermal tissue by penetrating deeply into the skin. The two major types of scars are atrophic scars and hypertrophic scars. The atrophic scars are depressed, whereas the hypertrophic scars appear raised. Atrophic scars result from a decline in collagen level. Contrarily, raised acne scars form due to an increase in collagen level. Let’s move towards the complete guide to treating acne scars.

Laser skin resurfacing vs. Micro-needling

Two renowned ways of diminishing acne scars include micro-needling and laser skin resurfacing. Comparing the two will aid you in selecting one process according to your scar type and skin sensitivity.

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive process, whereas micro-needling is slightly invasive. The former works for the top layer of skin and helps treat hypertrophic scars. Contrastingly, the later technology is effective till the deeper dermal layers. It is applicable for the treatment of both depressed and raised scars. The laser skin resurfacing technique plays no role in treating active acne. Micro-needling minimizes active pimples and manages their re-appearance.

Micro-needling works better for the treatment of acne scars. How?

The top dermatologists opine that micro-needling is a proven treatment method for deleting acne scars. The micro-needling process operates with a needle studded roller or pen to produce invisible micro-punctures in the skin.

As a consequence, the healing power of the skin fabricates new fibrous tissue along with balancing the levels of collagen. Skin becomes smooth with the aid of collagen-building platelets and growth factors. Furthermore, micro-needling elevates blood circulation to the fresh-forming skin. Hence, it revitalizes the skin.

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Benefits of micro-needling

• Flexibility

Micro-needling is a flexible process in the sense that it works for each type of scar and every skin. It fills up the boxcar, rolling and ice-pick scars. It resurfaces the skin by shrinking the raised scars.

• Prevention of inflammatory acne

Besides eliminating scars, the micro-needling technique terminates the emergence of novel acne and breakouts.

• Guaranteed scar removal results

A minimum of three sessions result in an everlasting reduction in the scar size. Once the prescribed number of sessions is complete, the scars fade away.

• Worthy treatment

It is worth every penny spent as the process is entirely hygienic and promising—a six-month treatment results in lifetime joy. The painless procedure brings out extraordinary results.

• Additional benefits

In addition to eradicating the scars, the micro-needling proficiently provides firmness and elasticity to the skin. It delivers anti-senescence effects, which rejuvenate the dermal layers.

The bottom line!

Prevention is better than cure. The preventative treatment of acne scars is to avoid touching or popping the pimples. Do not try micro-needling at home; instead, head towards Artisan Aesthetics. Artisan Aesthetics center offers a range of skin rejuvenating and beautifying treatments tailored to meet all your beauty needs.

Skin specialists of Artisan Aesthetics

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