Does laser hair removal really remove body hair?

Say goodbye to unwanted hair, shaving, and waxing with the latest laser technology.

Undoubtedly, the modern laser hair removal technology deserved this skyrocketed popularity among the masses. It removes the body hair permanently by disabling the hair follicle to function; thus, it prevents hair regrowth.

Do you feel insecure about your beauty due to a hairy body?

Trust the laser technology to get rid of unwanted hair and the feeling of insecurity. The laser removes 95% of hair. Regrowth occurs in some areas but the hairs regrown are so thin that they can be easily removed by waxing without pain. The complete removal of thin hair would require two more sessions.

How does laser hair removal work?

The gentle beam of photonic laser light from a handheld laser instrument burns the hair, destroying the pigment that causes hair growth. The hairs that don’t burn instantly fall off after a few days. The cosmetologist sets the intensity of the laser between 600 nm to 1200 nm. 

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It is set concerning three factors, viz. ability of the person to tolerate pain, depth of the hair shaft, and skin sensitivity. Black coloured hairs remove quickly because dark colours tend to absorb more photons of light. A cooling treatment follows the laser procedure to soothe the skin.

Myths about laser treatment

Some myths and rumours about laser hair removal technology must be clarified and freed from ambiguities as follows;

  • It is a myth that laser does not entirely eradicate hair. But the fact is that continuous six sessions, as your doctors recommend, are essential for permanently and thoroughly removing every strand of hair.
  • The rumour that hair regrows is unacceptable because it happens with only 1% of people having coarse hair. However, dermatologists suggest 2-4 more sessions for the expiration of coarse hair.
  • Another myth is that laser hair removal is not for sensitive parts. In contrast, the laser works for every part of the body with a difference in intensity. For sensitive areas, the aestheticians reduce the laser intensity.
  • The laser does not burn the skin; it only burns the hair. Furthermore, it does not scar the body.

FAQs about laser hair removal

Is laser hair removal treatment suitable for my face?

Laser hair removal is efficacious for facial hairs. It removes the hair from the upper lips in a few seconds but takes more time for the remaining face as thin strands are difficult to capture. Do not use makeup for a few days after facial laser treatment.

Who can benefit from Laser Hair Removal?

The laser hair removal technique benefits teens, adults, men, and women. It works for thin and thick hair equally. However, doctors prohibit it for pregnant women and adults having hormonal changes while hitting puberty.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Besides removing the body hair for a lifetime, laser technology reduces the possibility of ingrown hair. It is almost painless. It is a safer method to eradicate body hair as it is done under the supervision of qualified doctors.

How many sessions does a laser take to delete hair?

The complete hair removal is 6 to 8 sessions long, while the results start to appear after three sessions. The treatment schedule includes one session in one month.

What are the complications of laser hair removal?

Some of the complications of laser hair removal include- a pricking pain at the thick hair root,  mild burning sensation in dark-skin-toned people, and slight pain in the skin near the bone.

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